The facts. Just the facts.

35th Ward voters deserve the facts to make an informed decision on who they will support this election.

Here are key examples of how Carlos’ opponent is misinforming our community in campaign mailings:

The claim: “doesn't do his job,” and "got kicked out of the City Council's Latino Caucus because he wasn't doing any work."

The facts: Carlos has passed more than 541 ordinances since taking office, addressing local issues like parking regulations and small business matters, and important citywide issues like property tax relief for working-class families, protection of immigrant communities, and protecting the rights of people regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. And Carlos has responded to and helped resolved over 25,000 local issues dealing with potholes, streetlight issues, rodent problems, and graffiti removal. [1]

Carlos was expelled from the Chicago City Council's Latino Caucus on the same day he cast the lone vote against the construction of a new police academy, because Carlos chose to stand with the movement for Black lives and their grassroots demand that $95 million be spent on after school programs, job programs, education, and mental health - not a new shooting range for cops. Carlos' expulsion from the Latino Caucus for casting the sole no vote against the cop academy is well documented in the media, [2] and Carlos was readmitted to the Caucus after public outcry. [3]


The claim: “wants to raise our taxes,” and that Carlos “sponsored a tax that would raise property taxes in Chicago by $100 million.”

The facts: Carlos voted against Mayor Emanuel’s massive property tax increase [4] and then fought for and won $20 million in property tax relief. [5]


The claim: has “one of the worst Council attendance records.” 

The facts: Carlos has missed only four City Council meetings in four years, a 93% attendance record (Click here to see the report from the Office of the City Clerk). [6] While our opponents later claim that Carlos has a 42% attendance record for Committee meetings is correct, a recent WBEZ article that looked at average combined Committee and City Council meeting attendance did not name Carlos among the Aldermen with the worst combined attendance records, they were: Alds. Ameya Pawar, Leslie Hairston, Pat O'Connor, Roberto Maldonado, Daniel Solis, George A. Cardenas, Howard Brookins, Jr., and Carrie Austin.


The claim: “brought NO new affordable housing to the ward.”

The facts: Working with nonprofit community organizations, Carlos brought two new affordable housing developments to our ward and over 50 units, more units than the majority of Aldermen. [8]


The claim: “fought to give Berman Nissan a $5.5 million tax break.”

The facts: This claim is grossly misleading. Mayor Rahm Emanuel sponsored a $5.5 million property tax abatement to help Berman Nissan build a new facility on an empty lot in the ward. While it is true that Carlos ultimately voted for it, the only thing he “fought” to do was ensure that the jobs created by this development were good union jobs with worker protections. [9]


The claim: is “another machine politician” whosupported [Joe Berrios].”

The facts: The claim that Carlos is a machine politician is perhaps the most absurd. Carlos has been one of the most outspoken critics of Council leadership, the broken property tax system, and the administration. He only won his seat four years ago by running against the establishment. And while it is true that, once, Joe Berrios gave a $500 contribution to him, Carlos has never supported or endorsed Joe Berrios. Additionally, Carlos was endorsed for reelection by the Chicago Sun-Times for being “an independent voice.” [10]


The claim: “stands up for corrupt politicians,” and “defended indicted Alderman Ed Burke’s strong-armed donations.”

The facts: Carlos was praised by the Chicago Tribune for being one of the few Aldermen to vote to empower the inspector general to investigate Ed Burke, [11] and Carlos is one of 14 Aldermen to have never taken a contribution from Ed Burke. [12] Carlos never once defended Ed Burke’s strong-armed donations.

“Carlos has been one of the most outspoken leaders fighting against corruption and the Chicago machine. Carlos took on Ed Burke, and Carlos is fighting to fix our unfair property tax system - we need to reelect Carlos to continue the critically important work of cleaning up City Hall.”

-Will Guzzardi, 39th District State Representative

The claim: “put taxpayers on the hook for his failure to pay rent on his service office.”

The facts: Carlos signed a four-year lease for 2708-2710 N. Sawyer Avenue on May 18, 2015, with FY Property Management LLC. On July 1, 2015, the lease was amended with FY Property Management LLC to include the District Office of Illinois State Representative Will Guzzardi. This agreement was carried over when M. Fishman Co. purchased the property in early December 2015. Since M. Fishman Co. assumed ownership of the property, Carlos met all payment obligations under the amended lease agreement. Unfortunately, M. Fishman Co. refused to honor the amended agreement and complete the necessary paperwork with the State of Illinois so that the state could remit payment to M. Fishman Co. for the portion owed for the office of State Representative Will Guzzardi. As a result of M. Fishman Co. refusing to honor the amended lease agreement, Carlos relocated the ward office to 2842 N. Milwaukee Avenue, closer to the geographic center of the ward on January 2, 2019. [13]

M. Fishman Co. was a top contributor to Carlos' predecessor - Rey Colon - is a major Rahm Emanuel donor, and a major donor to Carlos' opponent. [14]  In the winter 2016, Carlos and Will stood with Logan Square families being displaced en masse by M. Fishman Co. and asked M. Fishman Co. to meet and work with the families. M. Fishman Co. refused this request. [15]


The claim: “cut his office hours and eliminated weekly ward nights.”

The facts: Carlos is a full-time Alderman, and hosts regular ward nights on alternating Mondays throughout the ward. [16] Since taking office, Carlos has hosted over 141 service and outreach events in the ward, and has met with more than 871 people at his regular ward nights. [17] 

“Carlos’s commitment to the community has been unparalleled. He listens to our voices on zoning and infrastructure projects and works to address every local issue as efficiently as possible. On February 26th, Carlos has earned our support.”

-Joyce Brody, 35th Ward resident

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